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Birthing Tulip/ Demon Digits/ Terror Ballerina

$150.00 / Sold Out

12" by 16" One of a kind woodcut masks
Hand cut and carved out of shina plywood using gouges and knives.

Birthing Tulip holds the secrets to the universe in the core of its indestructible crystal. The crystal is made out of 50 trillion alien hang nails, which have been glued together with the puss of the rare Kakapoopoo Whale's butt pimples.

Demon Digits' psychic powers are most potent when he is staring into a large melting cheesecake. He can erase all your memories by poking your belly button with a long bloody baguette, or one of his 6 fingers.

This ballerina is possessed by the evil squid of doom. Beware of her ability to rearrange your face by staring into your eyeballs and chanting:
"shish-kabob al la anus ravioli!"

Masks comes with a handle that doubles as a wall hanging apparatus.