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Rules and regulations are boring, but you need them just in case - here they are:


  • International shipping costs are subject to change. A refund, or additional invoice will be issued when the proper quote is calculated. If you are an international buyer please feel free to contact us before purchasing for an accurate shipping quote.
  • This sometimes goes for shipping within the USA. We have tried to calculate shipping costs as fairly and accurately as possible, however if we find that your shipping costs are exponentially higher than what was initially priced, I will notify you immediately. 


  • Returns are accepted, however the item cannot be refunded if it is damaged. Apparel cannot be returned if washed or worn while you were outside playing hopscotch in 100 degree weather with no deodorant on. 
  • If the item is in its original condition and you would like to return it we kindly ask that you pay for the return shipping. The initial shipping cost will not be refunded.

If you have any questions or just want to chat about cool stuff feel free to contact us directly from the shop site or at psychoscimitar@gmail.com 

Thank you!